E-Bike Shop: Tours and Sales on Anna Maria Island

About Us

Welcome to Anna Maria Island E-Bikes, a family-owned and operated business proudly offering e-bike sales, tours, and service & repair on beautiful Anna Maria Island. Rooted in a love for sustainable transportation and island adventure, our mission is to provide high-quality, eco-friendly e-bikes to both residents and visitors.

As a local business, we’re deeply committed to our community and strive to enhance your island experience. Whether you’re embarking on a scenic ride or running daily errands, our e-bikes offer a fun, convenient, and green solution. Join our family in redefining island mobility and experience Anna Maria Island like never before.

Ready for An E-Bike Adventure?

Our Values



We’re committed to advancing eco-friendly transportation and a sustainable future. Our efficient e-bikes serve as an alternative transport mode, reducing carbon emissions and aiding environmental preservation.


As a community-based business, we value local engagement. We actively partake in local events, contribute to community initiatives, and cultivate a robust community spirit among customers and staff.


We’re dedicated to providing top-notch service. By ensuring high-quality e-bikes and professional staff, we aim for outstanding customer experiences, exceeding expectations and enhancing the joy of e-biking.


To promote health, sustainability, and enjoyable transportation in our community through high-quality, affordable e-bikes.

Ready for An E-Bike Adventure?

Robert Fallon

Rob Fallon is the owner/operator of AMI eBikes.  His vision for the business is to bring adventure, fitness, and travel to the residents and visitors of the Gulf Coast. 

Key People

Rob Fallon

Rob is fueled by his passion for adventure and fitness. He considers himself a “forever traveler,” eager to experience all parts of the world, and stays grounded by always coming back home to the beaches of Florida.  He is a third generation Floridian, born and raised in the local areas, spending long summer days of his youth fishing and surfing on the beaches of Anna Maria Island.

After a near fatal accident at the age of 30 when he was hit by a car while riding a bike, Rob had to relearn to love cycling, instilling a deep-rooted commitment to road safety, and sparking his quest to find new ways to enjoy his love for street riding.

Rob discovered a culture of motorized bicycles while living in Tokyo, where they serve as the primary source of road transportation for most families in the world’s most populated city.  He envisioned bringing this technology to his home, seeing a chance to help people see his beloved AMI from a street-level view on an eBike.

Now, after a long career in corporate America, Rob is bringing this vision to the market, and hopes the people of AMI will share in the joy of electric bike’s emerging mode of sustainable, enjoyable, and community building activity.

Experience the fun, convenience, and sustainability of electric biking.

Ideal for commuting, running errands, or simply exploring beautiful Anna Maria Island.