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From a couple of 60 year olds, we love em… Bought 2 Cosmos at our local bike shop. Were both 60 years old, decided maybe we could use a little assistance on hills. We love the bikes, theyre exactly what we were looking for. Were going to get Scouts, but decided these would be fine for our needs. The 5 levels of assist are great, we rode 20 miles and the batteries were still going strong. I cant say enough how happy we are with the Cosmos.

Magnum Cosmopolitan Gen II

Power & Range… I love this bike. Ive ridden other brands that were crank motor driven (Trek and Bulls) and this is by far the most efficient and intuitive of them. There seems to be so much more power on the hub style motor. I get amazing range (40 miles +) when riding on lower power assist levels. You can turn the assist down, and still have a great workout, and the mountain bike feel. When you are worn out, turn it up and cruise back with ease. Ive ridden about 400 miles on it so far, with no issues whatsoever. Great value for the money. I wouldnt trade it for any of the higher end (priced) models I tried yet.

Magnum Summit 27.5″

Sweet bike! Highly recommend!… I am a 6’3”, 210, nearly 50, and have ridden a mountain bike for decades. I got the Nomad August 2 and I’ve ridden it aggressively every day since (II use all the speed levels, progress back and forth through all the gears; I’ve taken it off road in various conditions (muddy, sandy, pine roots) and on several different trails, threw it in the back of my truck, etc.) and so far it has performed well beyond my expectations. The adjustable suspension is high-quality, the frame is stout; the speed and power are impressive. It looks cool. The balance between mountain bike and cruiser is thoughtful – it rode like a cruiser on the pavement, but when it goes off-road, it feels like a proper mountain bike and confidently manages rooty, swervy, uneven, generally cranky terrain. Great job, Magnum Bikes! Looking for the right Magnum for my wife now…

Magnum Nomad

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